The Nuclear Alternative Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, incorporated in the State of Texas. 

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NuclearAlternativeProject.org   |  info@nuclearalternativeproject.org

Meet Our Team

Jesabel Rivera is a Community and Public Health strategist specialized in community impact and engagement. Jesabel has consulted for the American Heart Association and Houston’s Neighborhood Recovery Community Development Corporation. 

Chief Community Engagement Officer

Jesabel Rivera

Angel Reyes is a Senior Program Manager at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant (CCNPP). He holds a Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) Certification for Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) and is currently pursuing his SRO License for Operations Control Room Supervisor in CCNPP.  

Chief Nuclear Officer

Angel Reyes

Olgamarie Toledo is a civil engineer specialized in nuclear plant and power generation projects. Olgamarie’s in-depth experience involves structural and seismic analysis of structures, mechanical and electrical systems. 

Civil Engineering

Olgamarie Toledo

Human Resources professional and operations with over 15 years of experience in the HR field. Practice extends to both public and private sectors, as well as to nonprofits and social service organizations. The span of Valerie’s career has exposed her to the PR, US-Canada, and LATAM markets. 

Chief Operations Officer

Valerie Lugo

Jesus Nunez is a senior structural engineer with over 10 years of experience in design of Nuclear Plants, Transmission and distribution line projects, Nuclear plant Energy Power uprate, Chemical plants and DOE projects. His experience involves design and resident engineering support

Chief Technology Officer

Jesús M. Nuñez

Eddie M. Guerra has over 10 years of experience in earthquake and structural engineering for nuclear power plants. Eddie has been involved in more than a dozen seismic risk evaluations for nuclear plants in the U.S. and internationally. 

Earthquake Engineering

Eddie Guerra

The Nuclear Alternative Project gathers a large number of engineers and professionals from different companies and sectors who are interested in volunteering their time to advocate and educate about advances in nuclear technology.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Luis Reyes

Luis Reyes has more than 35 years of nuclear experience and has served in various Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) senior management positions.

Luis frequently interacted with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) by participating in the Nuclear Power oversight Committee meetings and the NEI Nuclear Energy Assembly. He also served as executive-on-loan to the Department of Energy (DOE) to conduct a nuclear safety review at the request of the DOE Assistant Secretary. He was an expert consultant to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the area of operations experience, new nuclear plant construction and regulatory organizations. On behalf of the IAEA, Luis led a team of international experts in the review of the regulatory organization of a European country.

Under his leadership, the NRC received recognition and praise multiple times as the best place to work in the federal government and as a “Best Diversity Company.” During his tenure, the NRC budget was significantly increased, and the Commission consistently received the highest rating on the Government Performance Assessment review.

Luis has received honors and awards that include the Presidential Distinguished Rank award and the Presidential Meritorious Rank award, which he was awarded three times. These awards are distributed by the President of the United States to a small group of career senior executives and senior career employees.

Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy’s work covers multiple aspects of the energy and infrastructure project sector. From project development and structuring to contracting and financing, Paul's practice has spanned a variety of sectors, to include nuclear power, thermal power, renewable energy, PPP structures, pipelines, LNG facilities, process technologies, and emerging technologies.

In the nuclear sector, Paul has experience in multiple aspects of the nuclear industry – from legal and policy matters, including international regulatory and treaty frameworks and issues regarding nuclear liability, to strategies for creating viable nuclear power programs and the identification and mitigation of associated risks – representing governments, developers/owners, investors, lenders, technology developers, and contractors on nuclear projects globally.

He has been recognized by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the OECD's Nuclear Energy Agency, the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation, and the US government for his knowledge and work in the development and financing of nuclear power programs. He currently serves on the IAEA’s Technical Cooperation Program team, which assists member states in developing nuclear power programs. He has served as a designated advisor, chairman, and author at several special meetings and for multiple working groups of the IAEA, NEA, and IFNEC, primarily involving the development, financing, and structuring of nuclear power projects.

He has served as a five-time appointee on the US Secretary of Commerce’s Civilian Nuclear Trade Advisory Committee and has been recognized three times in the publication, Who's Who Legal: Energy. He is a member of ASME's Clean Energy Technology Advisory Panel. Paul teaches for the IAEA and at Argonne National Laboratory and Texas A&M for their international training programs for the nuclear industry. 

Carmen I. Bigles

Carmen I. Bigles is President and CEO of Coquí RadioPharmaceuticals (Coquí Pharma). Prior to founding Coquí Pharma, Bigles co-founded and served as CFO of Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center in Puerto Rico. The center is one of the region’s premier medical facilities for advanced oncological radiation technology. Bigles oversaw the $12 million construction of the center’s first facility in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, and ensured the clinic was opened one year ahead of schedule.

Bigles was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Interamerican University in San Juan in 1997 and two master’s degrees, the first in architecture and the second in suburban and town planning, from the University of Miami in 2000.

Bigles lives in Coral Gables, Florida, with her husband, Dr. Pedro A. Serrano-Ojeda, and their two daughters, Carmen Irene Serrano-Bigles and Caterina Isabel Serrano-Bigles.

Juan Cajigas

Juan is president and owner of applied analysis corporation, a nuclear engineering services firm headquartered in Reading, PA. Juan has over thirty five years' nuclear power engineering experience in the areas of thermal hydraulic/heat transfer analysis; mechanical, nuclear, and chemical design engineering and analysis; simulation software engineering; radiological/shielding analysis and design; nuclear safety and licensing; nuclear power plant site support engineering; project management; and plant performance engineering. Juan holds a bachelor degree in chemical engineering and a masters in nuclear engineering degree from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez.

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