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Alternative Energy

  Researching Nuclear as an Alternative Energy for Puerto Rico

Our need for alternative energy is more pressing than ever. In Puerto Rico, we’ve seen firsthand just how devastating climate change can be. As our current energy grid struggles to keep up, we need to investigate the potential for the alternative energy Puerto Rico needs.

As a non-profit organization, we are committed to education and information. Our goal is to research and educate the people of Puerto Rico about the potential for nuclear energy to help solve our common struggles.

Our research centers around the potential for advanced nuclear energy in Puerto Rico. We focus specifically on the application and feasibility of these technologies with an eye toward communicating our findings with our communities and politicians. We want to connect as many people as we can with the latest facts about how Puerto Rico can benefit from today’s clean nuclear energy.

The fact of the matter is, Puerto Rico needs an alternative energy source. Our current energy needs are quickly growing beyond what we can produce. This is combined with our realization that our energy grid needs to change in order to slow down and overcome climate disaster. In order to meet these ambitious goals, we need to turn to an energy source that has advanced with the latest technology.

Nuclear power is the alternative energy Puerto Rico has been searching for. In the last several decades, this energy source has gone from having a large footprint to being relatively compact and much cleaner than our current energy grid. Beyond that, nuclear energy can produce the energy that our community needs to keep running.

In order to make decisions about Puerto Rico’s energy grid, we need to be informed about our options. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our research and educational efforts.

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