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Nuclear Alternative

  How We Starting Building the Nuclear Alternative

Our journey to researching the nuclear alternative started with one simple phone call.

In 2015, Eddie Guerra rang up his colleagues Angel Reyes and Jesús Nuñez to discuss why no one in Puerto Rico was discussing the latest advancements in nuclear energy. The three were currently working as engineers in the United States nuclear energy sector. They were moved by the realization that they could create some alternative learning and help Puerto Rico move into a greener tomorrow.

When Jesabel Rivera joined our team, we began to fully realize our mission. As a community engagement expert, Rivera helped us educate the public about our research. We believe that the people of Puerto Rico should be making an informed decision about the best way to meet their energy goals.

Together, we can help Puerto Rico enter into a greener, more technologically advanced tomorrow. Our journey starts with alternative learning.

Our completed the first ever preliminary study into the current market conditions, legal frameworks, and existing reactors in Puerto Rico. We were honored to complete this foundational research and look forward to continuing to build a greener tomorrow.

If you want to learn more about the nuclear alternative, get in touch with us today.

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