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The Importance of our organization and why you should donate

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The Nuclear Alternative Project is a network of engineers within the US nuclear industry working to change public perception towards nuclear energy with a primary focus on creating awareness for the next generation of nuclear reactors via innovative community-based participatory strategies.

The motivation that fueled this initiative stems from a common sentiment among the new generation of engineers in nuclear seeking to engage and bring our communities into the emerging nuclear technological development process. Although our movement is mainly ignited by engineers, it is our strong commitment to tackle years of public misconception towards nuclear by also joining forces with experts in social anthropology, media and branding, public health and community affairs.


Therefore, The Nuclear Alternative Project aspires to become a multi-discipline and multi-sectorial virtual platform that will establish itself as the long term bridge between community and the nuclear industry. This, with a continuous and strong focus on awareness of modern nuclear technology and execution of innovative community-based participatory strategies.

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