Our Work

Our work centers on the study of the application and feasibility of advanced nuclear reactors for Puerto Rico and the direct engagement with community and leadership. 

The Study


NAP has completed the first comprehensive Preliminary Feasibility Study for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and Microreactors for Puerto Rico. The study was led by Puerto Rican engineers who work in the U.S. nuclear industry, with the support of industry partners, national laboratories and local contributors. This Preliminary Feasibility Study aims to address critical questions specific to Puerto Rico. Economic and safety assessments will follow eventually. Our Study was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy. The topics covered in this Preliminary Feasibility Study include:

  • ​Market conditions in Puerto Rico

  • Technology assessment

  • Public perception

  • Grid assessment

  • Legal and regulatory framework

  • Financing, ownership and operation mechanisms

  • Weighing the benefits and challenges for Puerto Rico

​This is the first time a comprehensive evaluation is performed of SMRs and Microreactors relative to Puerto Rico's energy needs. 

The Engagement

NAP's engagement focuses on educating about nuclear energy in a manner that facilitates the free exchange of information with the people of Puerto Rico. We trust that the people of Puerto Rico will learn about the technology and ultimately decide themselves whether to pursue it or not. We engage directly with the public and local contributors in Puerto Rico. This, in an effort to discuss the feasibility of SMRs and Micro Reactors to address Puerto Rico's energy needs.

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Board Meeting


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