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Clean Energy

  Our Work Understanding The Clean Energy of Puerto Rico’s Future

The need for clean energy has never been as clear nor as pressing as it is today. We’ve seen first hand how the changing climate can lead to disaster. We need to be ready and decisive as we improve the power supply in our part of the world.

The potential of advanced nuclear to upgrade and supply power for Puerto Rico is more than noteworthy, it’s inspiring. That’s why we have dedicated our mission to understanding this form of power and working to understand how the latest nuclear technology can open the door to Puerto Rico’s green future.

When it comes to clean energy, nuclear power can provide the energy we need. Our research into the green potential of nuclear energy has brought us to some surprising conclusions.

Today’s nuclear reactors are smaller, safer, and greener than ever before. Unlike the reactors of the 1980s, today’s designs can be seamlessly integrated into the growing renewable energy sources in Puerto Rico while supplying all of our energy needs.

You can get up-to-date on the latest advanced nuclear technology by following our research.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the potential of nuclear energy in Puerto Rico.

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